around the world

Around the world #1
GuangzhouLive / Gunagzhou / China / 2011 / 14 min

I create a collage out of various actions.
I show the audience a sign with the word "silence", while walking around a heap of earth. Slowly I rumple the paper and place it in the middle inside the heap of earth. I inflame the earth and spread with my naked feet the earth and form a circle. I take a fish and a rope and dress the fish like a tie around my neck. With chalk I draw on the outlines of the earth circles grass, houses, figures and trees in a childish manner. I take the fish and rub it with its face on the ground around the earth circle so that the traces of the fish cross out the chalk drawings. I open an onion and rub the two half’s a longer while on my eyes. Black liquid is running out of my mouth. I grab 'something' in the air and put this into my pocket; after a few times I take out of my pocket glitter and let it slowly fall on the earth circle. From the middle of the earth circle I take the rumpled paper from the beginning, unfold it and show it to audience while walking around.