all saints #1

All saints #1
Place de la performance / Paris / France / 2011 / 21 min

I create a collage with different small actions.
With my feet I spread earth in a half circle in front of a white wall. With chalk I draw a yellow circle on the wall in the height of my head. I lit up two red candles and distinguish them on my white shirt, I repeat this three times. I grab 'something' in the air and put this into my pocket and take out of my pocket noodle letters and throw them back in the audience. I peel a potato and bandage it right after. I draw sunbeams around the yellow circle. I put flowers in my shirt pocket and place slices of raw ham on my face and pluck the flowers and place them in my face, there were the eyes are. I rip off the pocket from the shirt and connect it to a string on the wall and hoist it up. I open an onion and rub the two half’s a longer while on my eyes. Black liquid is running out of my mouth. I set the earth on fire, take earth and paint the sun at the wall brown. At the end I throw golden stars in the audience and leave the place.

Photos: Monika Sobczak